Alchemical Inner Reconciliation™

Alchemical Inner Reconciliation™ is a total shift in your relationship with yourself. It is an acceptance of yourself and everything that is a part of you as natural, desirable and necessary.


The Alchemical Inner Reconciliation™ Process is a highly unique approach to inner work and healing.

It is a absolute realization of your original innocence and innate value, while at the same time eliminating rooted defensive, protective postures that were once critical for your survival, but are no longer necessary. This allows you to move from a position of self-protection to one of reflective self-emanation.

Central to the Alchemical Inner Reconciliation™ process are the following subtle yet profound principles:

  1. Your system is intelligent.
  2. The blocks you experience in your life were put there by your system to protect you from someone or something your system deemed as unsafe at the time.
  3. Once the energetic entanglement is listened to and understood the energy will naturally, of its own accord release itself.
  4. This allows that same energy which once prevented you from achieving your desire, to be used for reflective self-emanation.

You see your systems ultimate responsibility is to ensure your survival and it is quite smart, it has after all billions of years of evolution behind it, with the sole purpose of protecting and preserving the form of life it was operating in at any time. Your mind, or ego on the other hand has behind the relatively short amount of time you have lived in this incarnation. Billions of years vs at best 100 hundred years of incarnate ego and it is easy to see why we can not eradicate our inner problems with a hammer and chisel. No matter what quick fix, suppression, repression, adjustment, attuning, or releasing technique we try our system has been there and done that before. Until we actually engage with our system, listen to it, and interact with it, from a desire to understand it, rather than fix it or alter it no sustainable success can be had. And why should it your system is there to protect you and until it is sure you understand its perceived danger it will just continue to dig in and protect you.

Yes our systems evolved to protect us, but we have not evolved alone. It is fascinating how modern science is proving a very basic tenet held by mystics and shamans throughout human history; that all life is connected, or one. A field of science called “Comparative Genomics” shows that humans share varying percentages of our genome with all other lifeforms on the planet. Some common plants we share our genome with are: 75% of our genetic make-up is the same as a pumpkin, 60% with a banana plant, 57% the same as a cabbage, 25% with rice, 24% wine grapes , and 18% with bakers yeast. Sir John Sulston, Director, Sanger Institute, UK said “This again reminds us of the unity of life – the fact that genes are not purpose-made for each organism, but rather evolution keeps on re-using its inventions over time.”

The fact that we share some percentage of our genome with all life is not just a cool fact, it means that on some level this interconnectedness allows for a level of nonverbal communication to take place. When ethnopharmacologist visit indigenous people and inquire as to how they acquired their vast knowledge of the medicinal and spiritual properties of plants, these people always respond in kind, “The plants (animals, or minerals) taught us”. This communication is done via what erstwhile alchemist called a plant or minerals arcanum or secret intelligence.

A lot of us in the West are aware of the use of certain indigenous plants like Ayahuasca or Iboga in sacred ceremonies to help establish inner balance, get over addictions, and have revealed ones purpose in life. The fact is these same revelations and effects can be had by using common plants that have no harsh psychoactive compound in them. In former times these specially prepared herbal and mineral products that ancient philosophers have termed Medicines of the Soul.

While its true that plants that are high with psychoactive compound can be prepared in very a very simple crude manner and still cause an interior effect in one consuming the brew. There are only two means of production that allow for the preservation and evolution of a common plants arcanum and these are the Spagyric and Alchemical methods of production.

Working in tandem with these methods of production is a paradigm of meditation and initiation developed within the Hermetic Science. Paramount to the practice is the true understanding of the statement by Paracelsus “The wise rule the stars”. He was of course not speaking of celestial bodies but rather our inner stars. Depending on where and when one was born these inner-stars have been known as Chakra’s, 7 metals of the ancients, etc.

By utilizing esoteric astrology, and esoteric psychology, and a Medicine of the Soul, specific guided meditations can be entered into that allow you to achieve the following:

  1. Shift your relationship with yourself to acceptance that every part of you is natural, desirable, and necessary.
  2. Shift your perspective from seeking to attract, to one of reflection.
  3. Reclaim energy that has been rooted in a defensive / protective posture, for use in reflective self-emanation.
  4. Get off the self-help treadmill.
  5. Gain insight into being the best person you can be
  6. Receive spiritual revelations regarding your purpose on earth
  7. Gain access to higher spiritual dimensions and the beings that populate them

When the Spagyric Art is properly carried out on one of Natures subjects something rather special is preserved, the ancients termed it the matters Arcanum or secret intelligence. Everything we do to make our products follows Nature and her laws. You see this affinity between the matters arcanum and us, has existed for millennia, and has evolved alongside of us, in tandem with us, this is why it can help us. The Arcanum found within Natures subjects is intelligent and knows what it needs to do to help you, not just with your physical complaints, but also in your spiritual evolution, that is their most important mission, to assist humanity in the full realization of who and what we truly are.

When the Alchemical Art is is properly carried out, the result is a substance known as a Quintessence. If the Arcanum is an intelligence of the here and now, the Quintessence represents a repository of all there ever was, is, and will be. In short it is a means catalyzing evolution.

There are four levels of practice within A.I.R., and seven levels of products used within those levels of practice. The cost of the class is $250 per month. Classes start each month around the full moon. The teaching is given on an individual basis (no group classes). We meet once a week online via Skype for the duration of the class.


AIR Level 1 uses the level 1 products. This practice is titled “The Law Of Reflection “. The practice is meant to plant the instigative seed that shifts the perception of the student from seeing a division between their inner and outer realities, while also giving the student a set of practices that teaches them the art of emanation of their desires into physical reality. This class last for 12 weeks

AIR Level 2 of the practice uses level 2 products. This level of practice is titled “Just Allow It “. This practice is meant to teach the student to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. In Authentic spiritual work one must learn to be brutally honest in their assessments of self. Many of those things that are hidden in shadow are necessary components and indeed holders of our power and creativity. In order to properly interact with those resources we must learn to become comfortable with that which we have denied, pushed away, and buried. This practices gently and repeatedly exposes the student to those forgotten aspects of self and reconnects with them so that a dialog may be initiated so the true work can begin. This class last for approximately 23 weeks.

Level 3 is named “Seven Metals”. The practice deals with what the ancients alchemist would term the 7 metals of the ancients, the 7 interior planets, or 7 interior stars. Today we most commonly refer to them as our 7 Chakra’s, or even the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. This level of work expands on what was done in levels 1 & 2, while also allowing the student to be come acquainted with various levels of energy-vibration with in themselves. This level of practice uses product levels 3 – 10. This class last for approximately 28 weeks.

Level 4 of the practice is titled “Inner-Starry Gnosis”. Here we actually use the energies and insights gained in levels 1 – 3 to actually engage with those parts of themselves that have been denied and cellular memory. This class last for approximately 40 weeks.

Levels 3 & 4 of the practice are an ascending spiral. That is they are repeated but each time with a different level of product who’s action and subtlety allows for a more significant penetration and interaction of the work.

The levels of products are as follows:

  1. 7 Basic Extracts
  2. 7 Spagyric Strong Waters + Spagyric Malkuth Tincture.
  3. Multi-ray Spagyric Tincture
  4. Multi-ray Spagyric Essence
  5. Multi-ray Spagyric oils from plant minerals
  6. Spagyric Malkuth Plant Stone
  7. 7 Spagyric oil from metals
  8. Alchemical oil from plant minerals
  9. 7 Alchemical oils from metals
  10. S.

Product levels from 8 – 10 involve products of an alchemical nature and are provided gratis to those persons who have successfully completed the use of product levels 1 – 7.

To inquire about a class please send an email to redlion at redlionlabs dot com.