Our Product Philosophy

At Red Lion Labs Time Is Not Our Master... Nature is™


You must treasure the foundation laid by tradition. Incorporating modern technology into traditional techniques helps bring out their true value. “Yuji Nagatani, Potter Iga Japan”

Today, the frenetic pace of life means you can have pretty much anything you want delivered to your door, any minute of the day or night. But when you make things by hand you cannot have it right away; crafting makes you have to slow down. Crafting makes it so that you live your life with the idea that each and every interaction is unique and irreplaceable; it makes you see it as an interaction of the divine with your soul.


In a world of almost instantaneous supercritical CO2 extraction, we decided to take another approach. After quality, the finest quality herbs, pure water and organic alcohol from wine, our most important ingredient is time.


Time is crucial for our processes: from raw herb to bottle takes at least 40 days. Many manufacturers will take as little as 90 minutes to extract an herb, so the flavor and character stand no chance of developing.



Time allows for a complete and gentle extraction. High heat and or exotic solvents will allow one to get their product to market quickly, but speed does not always equate to quality. That’s why the world’s fastest cars are all handmade.


Time allows for a maturation of flavor. Everything edible has more than one flavor note to it. Time is the only way to allow these flavors to gestate and bloom.


Time allows for a circulatory marriage of individual parts to evolve into a new homogeneous-synergy. The various phases of the extraction process produces different fractions. Most herbal manufacturers just dump these together and you can see the result as sediment at the bottom of you bottle.


Our Extracts are our simplest product – though we believe them to be more potent and more carefully prepared than anything else you will have tried. Their preparation time requires 40 days of careful and specific handling and development. The Ancient artisans of our craft labeled 40 days as a “Philosophical Month.”


Our Tinctures are much, much more than a simple “concentrated” Extract. They are prepared by a completely different process than our Extracts. They require three to five “Philosophical Months” of preparation – that’s 120-200 days, and the artisanal method of their preparation requires more refinement of the therapeutic constituents.


Our “Custom Preparations” are only offered upon special request and personal interview. Relying upon our decades of laboratory experience and our intimate relationship with Nature, we are able to offer what we believe are some of the most powerful products that the Herbal Kingdom has to offer. Such products include various Elixirs, Quintessence, Plant Stones, and even what we call our “Resurrection Tincture.” Again, Custom Preparations are not vended to the general public, and will only be produced upon your special individual request, and after a personal interview to ascertain your need and particular intent.


We are a small laboratory, and we are not going to try and produce a million varieties of product overnight. Right now, our selection consist of only a few items. Of course, that number will grow over time, but as items are depleted you might find that you have to wait for a time for your favorite item to be restocked. You see, that’s the reality behind truly handcrafted items; they take time to produce.


We make these products because we love what we do, and want to elicit from them their full healing potential, bouquet, and flavor. Because of the rushed methods used to produce herbal products today, most end up with a vile taste that hangs stubbornly on your palate and the back of your throat. But if time and care with extraction methods are taken, then the bitterness often associated with herbs can be greatly mitigated or even removed. Doing this only takes time…that’s all.


Unlike most other spagyric companies, we take the time to prepare the minerals obtained from the plant ash in a proprietary procedure that ensures there is no saponification as a result of their addition to the extract or tincture. After all, when the plants were in Nature they were not blowing soap bubbles.


Yes, our products cost a little bit more, but we know when you compare our products head to head with what you formerly used, you will agree they are worth the price and time it takes for us to make them.