About Us.

We are bold, we are strong, we roar like kings. We are red, the color of the blood that unites all humanity. We are RED LION.

Royal Art & Science

My name is John H. Reid III. I am an Alchemist. I have studied Nature for decades and dedicated myself to her laws and processes.

Alchemy has long been considered a “secret.” We grant this much is true, that it is an Art and a Science which holds many secrets. But its secrets are not so far removed from the science or art of our day. The science of atomic structure and behavior keeps its most powerful secrets under the lock and key of extensive education and a lifetime of dedication. If everyone could possess an atomic bomb, or knew the art of how to carefully build one, the World would soon be ash. However, there are many benefits to humanity which have arisen from the study of atomic science. Computers, lights, cars, planes, electricity itself – all arise from the human search into atomic nature. Alchemy may, for a long time, have harbored the “unbelievable.” The highest alchemical product – The Philosopher’s Stone – is said to have the power to turn all metal into Gold, and to heal a human of any illness. But such feats are indeed old news to the searches of science, and all along the way Alchemy has discovered, preserved, and passed on some of the most effective and potent forms of traditional medicine – all because artisan after artisan tried to discover that most “unbelievable” of products.

The Red Lion was one of the alchemists’ names for that highest alchemical medicine. The Red Lion for us, represents the same idea applied to the larger scale of humanity. We are bold, we are strong, we represent the most potent creature in the jungle we call the modern world – and yet, we are red, the color of the blood that unites all humanity. All the voices behind Red Lion want to see some of Alchemy’s long-whispered secrets turn into an undeniable roar. We know and have discovered by our own experience, what this Science has to offer us personally, and to all humanity. We know that Alchemy and Spagyrics have preserved the artisanal craft of producing the most potent and effective products from the Plant, Mineral, and Animal Kingdoms. We hope to pave the way for future students of this craft, a craft which is both a Science, and an Art, so that they too will be able to preserve this tradition and disseminate its many benefits to all the World.




John H. Reid III

Alchemist, Head of Laboratories

John has over three decades of experience in study and actual practice in Alchemy and Spagyrics. He has lectured extensively on the subject, taught many classes, and written two books.